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Mama and I were off to Stratford for the annual theatre trip that kind of seals the deal of whatever Shakespeare play I happened to be studying that year. Because, looking back on it, I kind of have studied at least one of S's plays every bloody year since Year 8 - God and I intended on never touching a Shakespeare play ever again upon reaching uni. I blame Richard Wilson for making them too damn interesting - like how in the first lecture of the 'Shakespeare's Tragedies' course he was all like "get your hands on Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' and watch it. That'll set the tone for the entire module." And then it was all "the sacrifice to end all sacrifices" and "first came human sacrifice, then animal sacrifice and finally symbolic sacrifice." Seriously, sometimes I wonder what the cohesive knowledge of an English student is supposed to be because we seem to go all over the place - sociology, psychology, history, politics, art theory, cultural criticism, linguistics, etymology, you name it, we probably have to read up on it.

But, yeah, went up to Stratford early in the morning (mama wanted to continue this unfruitful search for a pair of black trousers that don't make her look like a cancer patient - her words, not mine) to see Julius Caeser in the Courtyard Theatre. We were going for a matinée, so we walked about the town for a few hours, hustling past the huge gaggles of foreign tourists and school groups, and I managed to get my hands on that Sfx Anime Special I've been desperately looking for (because I am a certified geek) and a new set of headphones (because I've come to believe headphones don't like me very much). Once it was near one, we went over to the CT and milled about for a while - two guys had set up with a guitar and drum playing flamenco music and I bought a programme just to play the 'Spot the Casualty/Midsomer Murders/other miscellaneous terrestrial UK show actors' game. Brutus was very familiar and I kept squinting at him right up till the last act, wondering where I knew him from - he ended up being that actor from the BBC's Robin Hood. The one that goes around generally complaining and being a bit of a cowardly custard and wears something close to a sock on his head. Then, once finding that out, I couldn't unsee it - seriously, I ended up wanting to giggle, even when Caeser's ghost came along and gave him a stab. And the whole wanting to laugh thing wasn't very fair on the actor, as he was a very good Brutus - it kind of got to a point in the play where you weren't really sure who the villains were supposed to be.

God, sitting in the dark for four hours was rough, though. Seeing as my clock is completely fucked up at the moment (I woke up at four in the afternoon today, being some sort of bat and all), I only managed to get about fifty minutes sleep the night before and I really could have done with some cellotape to strap my eyes open. It helped, though, that there was a lot of trumpeting and battle shouts and a feral!Romulus to go around making loud animals and biting people. Plus, the play luckily isn't bogged down with a lot of contextual crap, so it's pretty action-packed past the first act. And mama made a point of nudging me in the ribs when she recognised a quote or she found someone in the audience particularly hilarious (she does this a lot when we go to the theatre). We were second row back in the Circle, so it made for a bird's eye view of anyone who happened to be napping down in the stalls.

Also, in geeky anime news, I've got through Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (which was nicely paced and structured but didn't really make me want to hoard it) and Mononoke (which was druggy and surreal and full of wonderful Japanese folklore and made me want to hoard it if only Western licensors would get up off their arses), while I'm about half-way through Mushishi (and that boxset is looking horribly tempting, for all of being thirty-five quid on play.com) and Serial Experiments Lain, and have just started on Kurau Phantom Memory. So the geeky anime marathon goes ever onward!
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Daddy is confusing me again (or should that be frustrating me? Pissing me off? Making me want to bludgeon him with a heavy object?), with all this soap opera drama that makes up his life - he got the police called on him by A the other day because he pretended to not be in and therefore had to hide behind a curtain like a little girl when she was trying to drop Dominique off. He apparently woke up near midnight to lights flashing and the sounds of people trying to get through the door, so - through his fantastic, coherent, non-nutterish skills of deduction - he immediately assumed someone was attempting to burgle him and went to face them with a kitchen knife. Sometimes I seriously suspect that daddy is just looking for an excuse to play the part of a soft-core psychopath in his everyday life. Turned out they were policemen called out because - get this - 'his family were worried about him'. Yeah, certainly, I'm sure the wife cosying up with her lover in her new house every night after leaving her husband without actually telling him, is worried about said husband. I'm sure she prays for his health every night before bed, as well. God, she's a spiteful, lying bitch.

Though, if there's anyone in this world I'd want to take a knife to myself, it'd be A. The whole little chapter of daddy keeping Dominique and Antoinette out of the house also caused some old stories to be dredged up that I had seemingly forgotten under the wave of shitty things Antoinette did pretty consistently throughout my childhood. So, daddy just had to bring up on the phone this startling parallel between daddy locking A out and something stupidly cruel she'd done when I was younger that I had managed to forget about (daddy was away from home for a day and she locked me and Siobhan out of the house, even while she was quite obviously home). Seriously, how can you hate someone more and more when they don't even figure in your everyday life? Except, I guess A remains a pretty looming spectre and all that because daddy is a tit and doesn't seem to understand the concept of CLOSURE. No, he just has to keep dragging it all out. He has what I refer to as 'Sylvia Plath Syndrome' - you know, emo types that generally enjoy reading confessional poetry and stewing in their own misery (not that daddy would ever read poetry and I personally quite love confessional poetry) but basically I mean people who subconsciously are satisfied by playing the victim. Daddy definitely likes being the victim.
He can't garner much sympathy though when he's actually getting his come-uppance. We're talking here about a woman the entire family despises and has warned him against - it was always hilarious going to

Ireland, seeing her smarm it up with the relatives, while knowing they all bitch about her behind her back. This is a woman who would have been DEPORTED WITHIN THE MONTH if daddy hadn't married her and yet he didn't consider this suspicious? Though, listening to daddy you would think his entire decision-making process of the time highly logical and his marriage to A completely golden - he always comes up with the bullshit excuse of 'wanting me and Siobhan to have a mother'. Firstly, there shouldn't be any killing-offs of mothers that actually exist and one whom I saw quite regularly, even very recently after the divorce. You don't just replace a mother in a child's life by happening to have someone of the feminine persuasion within your house. Especially when it's clear from the outset that your children don't much like said woman (I mean, c'mon, Siobhan descended into a CHILDHOOD FIT OF HYSTERICS when he told us they were marrying; not to mention the actual registry office photographs, which show Siobhan looking sullen and miserable and daddy has very inappropriately laughed about over the years). Plus, she didn't much like us either - a fact finally verified by daddy snooping through the old diaries she's left behind in the house.

I always considered Antoinette to be a pretty hard-minded individual. She's always been a class A bitch and horribly money-hungry, so while I didn't like her I could still see her as a strong enough character with high aspirations and ambitions, which you should respect in a woman. Now, however, after flicking through that diary from the period before she met daddy and just after marrying him, she's turned into someone else completely. Funny how you can live with someone for most of your life and then not know them at all (even though it has to be said I never TRIED to know her because she never really wanted to know me). I mean, seriously, she is completely PATHETIC in these diaries - a real whimpering, love-drunk, love-hungry, sack of shit. She falls in love at the drop of a hat with all these shady-sounding bastards, going on about how wonderful and fantastic and IN LOVE she is, and then the next diary entry relates how they've left her or they don't pay enough attention to her or they haven't quite managed to fulfil the whole Prince Charming role. There's a whole string of these guys and daddy's the only idiot who doesn't come to see what a waste of space she is.

So, when daddy goes on about how shitty a childhood I had and how he regrets me having to experience it and saying he only wanted me to have this ever-elusive mother figure, I just get annoyed. Because he's always been like that - cowardly and selfish. Always pinning things on me and Siobhan (like allowing me and Vaughnsy to overhear a conversation in which he claimed that his life had been fucked up by having us - because we were the blip, the rough spot, in this Happy Families card set he was creating with A and D [I really despise that card set, the one that was lying around the house when I was little and it had these families all perfectly defined, so there was the husband and the wife and the son and the daughter, so bloody perfect it made you want to hurl something]). Because everything about his marriage to A was selfish - it wasn't about mothers and founding this lovely little nuclear structure in which to rear us. It was because he didn't have the balls to be a single father or the cuckolded husband. He just had to find himself the rebound-wife to enervate his paltry little male pride. Plus - what do you know? - he gets himself a young thing in her 20s to role-play this mother part. Yeah, a woman in her 20s, the absolute perfect candidate to be a mother to two children from a previous marriage.

So, when he phones and moans about the same damn things, I get angrier and angrier and angrier and angrier and angrier. Because, she got all the worth and power by leaving in, when he should have got rid of her all those years ago. And he keeps moaning like a bitch, like she's worth moaning over, and sometimes I wish he would go through with all his crazy, full-of-hot-air notions of offing her and her stupid adulterous lover and just stab the cow already. Otherwise, he should just shut the fuck up and move on already.

She's worthless. You don't bemoan the loss of someone worth nothing. Though, the funny, really stupidly, horribly funny thing about all this - the thing that would make me be a bit in awe of A for her balls - is that SHE'S LEFT HIM WITH NOTHING. His entire life is crumbling apart - he's like a ghost in his own home, this big house with five bedrooms and four bathrooms and loads of useless junk that everyone has grown out of and he's still there, the only one left. He's in debt up to his eyeballs, barely has enough money to buy himself food so he's basically living off rice and pasta; he fills his nights with going through the phonebook, even going so far as to contact his ex-wife's mother and sister until they actually ignore his calls because of their frequency, and he sleeps in his office when this big house and the whole emptiness and loneliness of it all becomes too much for him. Because that's his life. That's what A has left him with.

But what's even funnier is Antoinette is driving around in luxury 4x4s, has just got out her third mortgage on a lovely cottage in one of those twee Cambridgeshire villages that's like something out of a bloody Victorian novel, is sending her daughter to some obscenely-priced private school called The Leys in Cambridge, and generally seems to be floating about life.
You like to think life is built up on these rules, that it's like we're all in some classic fairytale where being a good person and abiding by stupid, altruistic norms will get us somewhere in life, get us rewarded in the long-run, and then we can look on at the real shits in life, who seem to be doing so well, and know that something bad's coming for them. But the fact of the matter is, Antoinette will continue to float blissfully along, despite all the possible rage and hate I can accumulate within myself being directed towards her, and daddy will be the one facing possible redundancy when he's already snowed under by debt.

Sometimes I really think I could cry in frustration.

But, in less ranty terms - I have this odd rash on my side, just diagonal of my right boob. It's very annoying and mama has made up this home-made oil concoction to rub on it, so I smell eternally of olive oil and lavender at the moment. It's a bit headache-inducing within close quarters. Also, it's manically itchy and mama made it worse by having all these horror stories about something nefarious called shingles, so I spent quite a few hours researching rashes and generally disgusting myself over rash commentary and detailed photographs. I don't recommend looking up rashes on the net unless you want to frighten yourself.
And, mama has booked the tickets for random, evening-time, zoo-going where mojitos and cider can be had, even though the idea of mixing alcohol and possibly dangerous animals seems a bit foolhardy. And, I have finished Durarara and loved every moment of it (how could I not love an anime that revolves around a headless, female biker who happens to be straight out of a Celtic myth?!), so I look forward to its release on the UK market next year when I can add it to my hoard. So, with that done, I've moved on to Mushi-shi and Mononoke (which has a very bizarre style, like one of those surreal, druggy sketches you'd get off Words & Pictures occasionally) in between watching Serial Experiments Lain (which you need to take a rest from every now and then because of its general oddness and subtle creepiness) and Phantom of the Requiem (which I started watching ages ago and really should get back to).

The problem with watching weird anime, though, is it makes me want to write weird things - I was researching butterfly-pinning the other day because I had the greatest urge to write something about a crazy, sick bastard that 'mounts' butterflies as a hobby. Because there has to be something wrong with you if you enjoy killing bugs and then sticking their corpses in a glass case to stare at - it reminds me of going to the Rothschild’s Museum in Tring a few years back, which has the biggest collection of stuffed animals in the country, and the whole place smelt odd and there was this really eerie silence. Because a place with that many dead eyes in it has to be eerie.

But, yeah, in researching the 'mounting' of butterflies, I came across this horrible article that very dryly and clinically spoke of pinching the insects thorax to kill it before delicately placing a needle through it. I don't know about anyone else, but I like to see my pretty butterflies fluttering about there in the wild, not gruesomely pinned up for God knows how long. Plus, with butterfly populations being quite drastically endangered in this country, people shouldn't be going around squeezing the poor things to death and sticking them in glass boxes.
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Well, I'm gearing up to ordering my newest stack of uni books, this time for autumn semester - I keep eyeing my bookshelves and thinking how soon enough my bedroom will be more suited towards being a library than a room to sleep in. I still have fears of being crushed by all my books, should the walls crack under the weight of the shelves and I end up squashed under all the literature (well, and the geekier bits of my collection).

Lately, though, I've had a bit of a compulsive manga purchasing problem - namely Trinity Blood, which has battered my purse by being too pretty and buy-able. Plus, there was getting up-to-date with Genbu Kaiden, FINALLY managing to buy the final three vols of Fushigi Yugi after several years, just going ahead and buying Black Butler (because I knew it would happen sooner or later), and grabbing Kyousuke Motomi's Beast Master and Dengeki Daisy (which Viz has finally licensed, hurrah!). Personally, I think the root cause of all this is my weird guilt over how badly the manga industry's doing at the mo (though, they can't shelve the whole anime problem on me because I bloody SHELL OUT TOO MUCH MONEY FOR ANIME DVDS ALREADY - and the ones I do have to watch online will most probably never be licensed or were licensed several years ago and have fell into that gaping black hole where old anime boxsets go to die) and with how intimate I am with scanlations, yeah, so the ol' bank account is feeling the guilt.

Though, I don't know how many times I've had to rearrange my shelves, trying to get all my manga and anime to cohabit peacefully - but, with this new set of books coming in, I'll have to get creative. Well, it won't be too bad - the good thing about third year is there are less modules because of bigger courses, which inevitably leads to fewer course texts (though, those books will probably be thrashed out to within an inch of their lives). I only have four courses in autumn semester and two of them I'm already prepared for - creative writing doesn't really require a text (just your brain and many sleepless nights agonising over culling adverbs and the placement of commas [which is weirdly harder than you think]) and I already have my obscenely heavy Norton Shakespeare sitting on the shelf upstairs for the Shakespeare's Histories course. I have to get a few books for the 'War and Memory' module, though thanks to it involving books in pretty wide circulation (here's looking at you, 'Atonement'), I can get them all cheap off play.com's marketplace. Plus, 'Religion, Politics and Sex' requires just another one of those horrendously large anthologies.

I'll have quite the collection of bloody literary anthologies by graduation.

Still, mama is the owner of the debit card that will purchase the books, so my own account won't be feeling the economic strain - just my own self-imposed strain caused by manic manga buying. Damn you, Trinity Blood...

Also, latest animes I decided to dip into - Durarara (which revolves around the Irish myth of the dullahan and therefore made me want to laugh over the Japanese take on Irish people) and Serial Experiments Lain (which is one of those infamous anime series that seem to be required watching - so far, it is FUCKING WEIRD but, according to reviews I've looked over, that seems to be the universal response. I think I'm most disturbed by the animation's take on shadows, which are these quite devious-looking glowy spots spattered about with these kind of blood puddles. Still, the anime brings in the Japanese's seeming love of Western philosophy regarding the self and is based within a kind of internet related called the Wired [the anime was produced in the net's early days, like late 90s]). Also been following Kuroshitsuji II each week, an anime that has only compounded by bemusement towards Japanese censorship. I mean, seriously, a main character gouges another's eyeball out in the first episode and then we get a lot of naked female buttcheeks in the fifth - and we're talking about an anime open to a fairly young-ish audience, not one of the gorier, more action-based ones!

It makes me love the Japanese even more.

According to surveys done here in the West (namely, America), apparently 51% of anime consumers are over 25 and 40% are between 18-24 (hello, me), which I thought was really interesting. I guess those age bands kind of grew up with anime when it was new and harder to get your hands on, so we've held on to that initial love. Plus, there's all this bandying about at the moment of the 'death of anime', that it'll be a lost medium within 50 years, so that makes the current young adults officially the generation of geekery.

Closer to home, I've been avoiding London because - hell - the place is probably madness right now with all the tourists and people off work for holidays. Rickmansworth is already bad enough with all the slouchy, bored teenagers about (who I feel a weird amount of hostility towards - funny how just not being a teenager anymore makes you realise how damn annoying they are. I got stopped by this one little shit last week who asked in front of his gang of mates, in a really smarmy tone, what book I was carrying, as if making fun of a person with a book is the most hilarious thing ever [still, it was Poe, so he might enjoy some of the author's weirder stories]). Though, autumn collections are thankfully coming into the shops now, so I'll have to get down there at some point. Me and mama are interested in going into the City for geekier reasons, as London Zoo has late nights all Fridays in August, where apparently you get served mojitos, can dance around at a silent disco (?!?!), eat at a seafood buffet, and amble about looking at the animals. Plus, to further our animal geekery, we want to go visit the Marwell Zoo in Hampshire at some point and we've already got our tickets for BirdFair at the end of the month (because we had to push our geekery just that bit further).

Though, in less dorky recreation, we've got Julius Caeser in Stratford next Saturday - a matinée, so we're only up for the day but hopefully the weather will be fine so we can have a wander about the locks and there's usually random musicians out around the river when it is sunny.


Jul. 20th, 2010 11:04 pm
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Me and mama have only just discovered we have resident bats (common pipistrelles because I am geeky and happen to love knowing about strange-looking, fluffy things that fly) - well, next-door-neighbours to be exact, as they seem to live in our Irish neighbour's roof. Mama caught one creeping up the wall and disappearing under the guttering, so we spent about half an hour with our necks craned back, waiting for it to emerge. It did us a nice flight display for a while when it did, so we have been horribly unoriginal and dubbed it Pip the Pipistrelle Bat and intend on looking out for it in future. I wonder if Irish neighbour is aware he's living with bats? Though, as they're protected, he can't get rid of them (muhahaha) or anything - I'm just sad they're not my bats.

And, on the theme of strange-looking, fluffy things that fly, mama had two days off work, so we went down to Kent on Monday to visit the Hawk Conservancy Trust, which had lots of lovely raptors like owls and vultures (because vultures need love too) and falcons and eagles. Even a bald eagle, terribly patriotic and huge and apparently a very sulky individual. There were Secretary Birds too, which seem to be the drag queens of the bird world with reverse knee-caps. There were a lot of shows through the day: the Vulture feed in the morning (where a little French guy called Cedric spoke about them in a thick accent) and another general display with barn owls and falcons and other raptors, where you also got the chance to hold an owl. Well, I leapt at that opportunity, having a bit of a barn owl fetish, and it was wonderful - the way the bird shuffles onto your hand and you can feel its little feet gripping hold of you and everything. I was a little bit in bird heaven after that.

The best event, though, was in the afternoon, out over their wildflower meadow, where you had about half a dozen vultures doing laps over your head - so close you had to duck or have a collision! It was amazing, even if you were terrified you were about to have your face clawed off half the time - just to have them so close. Then they set loose the peregrine falcon, which zipped about like a mad thing and also almost snatched your scalp off. So, terror and excitement were pretty much the themes of the day.

The bald eagles also did a flight display for us, catching fish off ponds to demonstrate their hunting habits, and a score of black kites wheeled about catching food on the wing and tearing over our heads. The woodland owl talk was on after we all had the time to recover from the adrenaline with ice creams and tea, and the vultures got a look in again (I got the feeling the Trust was trying to give the visitors as many opportunities as possible to fall in love with them - though, as a staunch vulture-sympathiser, I don't understand how you can't love the poor birds <3). Also got the chance to hold a Tawny Owl, which happens to be Britain's most common owl, a really gorgeous bird with a kind of russet, auburn-y coloured plumage (so, as a fellow redhead, we just had to bond) and these huge, adorable, dark eyes. I was a lot less nervous with the Tawny than I had been with Barn Owl (guess jitters of first-time handling of an owl was the case before), so I really got to relax and appreciate how lovely it was.

We went back to Kent today - we haven't really explored the area as much as the rest of England (well, apart from school trips to Rocheter Castle and Canterbury), as mama hates the M25 and reaching Kent involves traversing quite a long stretch of it. I mean, seriously, we got caught in four traffic jams across two days, two of which involved stand-stills with the car engine turned off for about twenty minutes and everything. It made you understand the advice of 'don't leave dogs in hot cars', as it was BAKING and it stank of petrol and the air's been so heavy with humidity the past few days, so it was painful. I spent the entire time sheltering under a roadmap, hoping not to get sunburnt.

We visited Emmett's Garden, anyway, which isn't far from Chartwell, and did what I proclaimed to be the 'bench tour' - basically ambling about the flowerbeds and orchards and making sure to sit on any bench available, between eating National Trust cake, and dancing about the acer palmatums and acer japonicums (which almost happen to be my favourite trees - I have a bit of a fetish there, too, and this irrational need to photograph any I come across. Seriously, I should have a folder on my computer dedicated just to maples).

Mama's back to work tomorrow, so I plan to get back into my books, maybe order some more manga to satisfy my aesthetic shelving impulse and do some writing. I've had the incredible urge to write the past few days - one night I couldn't sleep because my brain was whirring too much and kept regurgitating up little snippets and turns of phrase I had to scribble down. All for this one piece, more a file of miscellaneous paragraphs loosely tied together than anything cohesive, tentatively dubbed 'Blue Highway', which seems to be the hybrid child of a Star Trek fanfic I read that was set in the Rocky Mountains (I really, really want to go there now and see the place) and the whole Supernatural conceit of 'life on the road', which makes me want to write about shitty motels and vile diner food and epic landscapes and existentialist shit. Writing's always an interesting experience after you've read a few books, as your style seems to have undergone a shift, whether subtle or dramatic, so it'll be good to see what's been added to the box of tricks after I finish 'House of Leaves'.

Urgh, mama's also threatening me with a trip to nanny's this Saturday - a hell of cheap trifles, stomach upsets, family gossip and the habit of staring at the television with glassy eyes.
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Woo, all my manga lovelies arrived in the post today. One of which I had to do a crazy dash down the stairs for and answer the door with gunge in my eyes and my hair mad and wearing very little while still half asleep - I did try not to breathe on the poor delivery man and not frighten him too much by looking anywhere but his face. Still, why did amazon have to up and change from Royal Mail? I mean, you don't have to do mad dashes for the door or sign things or generally be woken up from a very nice dream (unlike the one yesterday, which involved a bomb in a London that really looked like a London-Cardiff hybrid) with Royal Mail, and if a package is too fat they just stuff it in the bin cupboard. Seriously.

But, yeah, unlike last year, which involved a lot of anime purchasing over the summer, this seems to be Year of the Manga Tome instead. I think it has something to do with having those shelves which gloriously display all my lovely, lovely literature, including my manga, and therefore shunt my book collection in my face. But I got a bit bored with actually BUYING manga a few years ago (nothing shall be said of scanlations, which I've never seemed to become bored of reading) and got more into anime, so a few of the series I was collecting sort of abruptly stop about three volumes before the end. And, as I am a perfectionist in terms of aesthetics, it doesn't look RIGHT to have my manga on the shelves looking all sad and incomplete. Thus the buying and manic hoarding, like how I'm surrounded by about ten volumes of stuff right now after gleefully picking up the post - one is an edition of those big and beautiful Vizbig editions, which have an average of three volumes in them (this one has four, as it's the last few vols of Rurouni Kenshin), bigger pages, lots of pretty colour pages and more bonuses. It seems to be a nice way of getting the old series, though my problem now is I have an odd pick'n'mix of editions.

And, horrors of horrors, I have actually sunk low enough in purchasing a YAOI MANGA. I thought the day would never come. I actually feel kind of shifty and dirty for it, which is hilarious. It's not even an explicit one, though it does have a parental advisory warning (ha! As if you'd tell you parents you were reading YAOI MANGA. Not that mama would understand what that even means) and warns that the volume may include 'explicit sexuality, aggression, mild fanservice', which made me giggle. I'm guessing the 'mild fanservice' might have something to do with the appearance of penises. But there be no members in my yaoi manga. Though, the Japanese do seem to love their fanservice *can't help thinking of the Evangelion franchise and certain scenes involving nudity and beer cans* I bought it because I already have it on disk and the art is so pretty (damn yaoi mangas get all the great mangaka) and is actually hilarious. Do I sound like I'm trying to excuse myself for the buying of naughty BL porn? Hm.

Not that it's porn.

Vaughnsy was around for the start of the week, as she had her journalism exams on Wednesday and Thursday, and couldn't study at home because of the noise. Though, I have no clue what made her think she could study with ME around - she ended up pulling stupid pranks and throwing banana skins at me most of the time, so I don't exactly know how much work she got done.

Daddy's been oddly silent, as well. I know Dominique was moving out to live full-time with Antoinette last weekend, so I was expecting a lot of phonecalls about his empty nest syndrome this week. Instead there hasn't been a sausage. Not that I'm complaining - especially when he has a tendency to tell me about his sex life and last time actually told me HE'D HAD SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AGES. Counselling sessions, this is the stuff they're made of.

Had a minor blip in regards to uni accommodation this week - they'd allocated me this hideously overpriced room that made me so suspicious I actually emailed the residence people about it. Turned out to be a 'Superior room' (hilariously located only two doors down from my old room) and I still don't really understand what that's meant to mean - probably that it's huge and you're paying five hundred quid extra just for space you don't need. So, the residence lady re-allotted my room and I'm now comfortably situated slap-bang next to my old bedroom in room 11. It'll be like I never left! I mean, it's probably identical in size and furnishings, and I already know it has the same view out on the East Wing rooms like my old room. I'll even be using the same bathroom facilities and kitchen! It feels weirdly like I won't have progressed at all, like I'll still be in my second year.

But third year doesn't bear thinking of at the mo - the thought of graduating freaks me out too greatly.


Jul. 13th, 2010 03:30 pm
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I have just bought (as in purchased, given money for, been an official consumer of) my first yaoi manga.

I feel kind of dirty now. Like I've done something completely socially unaccepted and need to go scrub myself thoroughly.

Oh well, it's not exactly an explicit one with giant, hairy members splashed across every page - 'Kawaii Akuma' by Hiro Madarame is actually pretty funny, though it does have sex scenes (where the naughty bits are prudently kept out of the shot, muhahaha).

Does this make me an actual fujoshi now? I mean, I can actually list my favourite yaoi mangaka now (Hiro Madarame, Akira Nozikazu, Masara Minase, Kano Shiuko, Setona Mizushiro, Hinako Takanaga, Ayano Yamane, Hyouta Fujiyama, Hidaka Shoko), so I must be in too deep.
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Fuck, I got a seventy-bloody-eight in my creative writing module! Highest in the year (this from scanning through the entire column and looking at all the anonymous results)! SEVENTY-EIGHT, for fuck's sake. HIGHEST IN THE YEAR, for fuck's sake!!!

This deserves a lot of exclamation marks and smiley faces, so:

!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Sinead is a very happy bunny indeed. So, it seems like writing professors enjoy reading pieces about abortion and maternal suicide - who would have thought?
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When you hear screaming coming from your mother's bedroom, you know you should be worried.

Also - didn't you just love how random the shit you could kill people with was in Cluedo? And how Miss White always ended up being the killer? I blame the fact they made her a bitter-looking spinster.
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"It may be a bit unstable but it does the job": Strange how mama can take an idle comment I make about a clothes horse and turn it on herself. Though, thinking of it, maybe it is weirdly applicable to her. She is a bit of a nut, after all. And three weeks? a month? (see, this is the point where time goes wacky and vaguely unimportant, what with being a hermit and my world seeming to extend only to the boundaries of the house) into summer break and the idea that mama is completely cracked most of the time has only been further compounded by everyday events.

She's infected me with Springwatch fever, too, which only shows how much of a loser you become when you're stuck indoors all day (which is wholly my fault as I seem to be terrified of this thing called employment). I think I'm going to be completely distraught when the series finishes tomorrow - my Monday to Thursday evenings will be horribly barren with it. Though, here's hoping the webcams stay up, another little geekery I'm completely hooked on.

So, recent weeks seem to have been a merry-go-round of late night anime viewing, yaoi reading (yes, yes, I'm completely cursed and going to hell but the stuff is like CRACK, I just can't stop it, I can't go back - I will forever blame the eerie homo-eroticism of Naruto and Sasuke for driving me to this black hole of fandom), sleep and twitching. We have a family of blue tits and starlings that visit the garden, babies and all, so I've been peering out the French windows too often in the afternoon, armed with a pair of binos. I'm surprised no one's accused me of being some sort of pervert.

Daddy has, surprisingly enough, been down to Rickmansworth once a week since I've been back from Cardiff. I might have had a bit of a heart attack thinking about the frequency of his visits - usually it takes my impending move back to uni for him to appear and recently he's been unusually eager to take me out. I blame his loneliness. He probably sees me as a kind of receptacle for his woes and marital angst. First week back he took me out to West Hampstead for a fish and chip (being horribly mortifying and making loud, bawdy Jewish jokes while sitting across from a couple he judged to be Jewish purely because of their noses) on the bike and I kind of misjudged the ensemble, so I was madly clutching at my skirt as it bunched further up my thighs on the drive down. I definitely do not recommend sitting on the back of a motorbike, driving through heavy London traffic, while wearing quite a short skirt. We did go down through the back roads of Mill Hill, though, past the Rising Sun pub and all the posh, lovely houses of Totteridge, so that was good for nostalgia. Almost made me forget that the hem of my skirt was closer to my bum than my knees.

Second week back daddy brought Dominique around, which was oddly disturbing because she's sprung up like a weed, becoming all skinny and gender awkward, being a bit of a tomboy now. She also has the lovely, apathetic voice of the teenager, all 'alright's and 'yeah's and 'dunno's when you ask her a question. We bonded over our humiliation and disinterest regarding daddy, and she told me some of the gossip regarding Antoinette, who has apparently become rather fat and watches a DVD of her sister's funeral every day. Macabre.

Daddy's third visit was this Sunday. He had Antoinette's Audi for the time being, as A's popped off to Africa with her boyfriend and he has to collect Dominique from St Ethelburga's (that name will never stop being hilarious to me) next week for the last time (she's being shunted off to a new boarding school in Cambridge next year called the Leys, which J. G. Ballard and Stephen Hawking's son apparently attended). So, seeing as the weather decided to be benign, we went on a pseudo-road trip down the M3 and into Hampshire, taking some of the tiny B-roads past all those very English villages, which all seemed to have fetes going on for some reason, with Pimms tents and everything. We stopped off in New Alresford and did this whole illicit, climbing over fences thing (which wasn't very graceful, seeing as I was wearing skimpy tights and a dress. More ensemble challenges) to get down to the lake (which might of been private, IDK), before continuing on to Winchester.

I haven't been to Winchester in YEARS and I have this rather twee little memory in my head of going to visit the cathedral with my grandparents, getting the rather morbid map of the graves and going off to find particular author's and poet's graves like it's some oddly macabre treasure trail. Also remember nanny wounding herself on a railing and one of the priests having to do a bit of first aid in a little broom closet of an office off a transept.

This time, daddy and I just took an amble along the river and came across one of those wonderful second hand book sales that spring up in sloane-y places, round the back of the cathedral. I always end up thinking how easy it would be to take off with a stash of books in those places because you only pay for them by putting the donation through a letter box. It would be so easy to make off with a load of free books. Not that I'd do it, of course. I could have stayed there for hours sorting through all the old editions but daddy's never been much of a book man, so I just got myself a 1960s copy of 'The Painted Veil' and had to be happy with that.

Also, a few weeks ago now (I've been meaning to write about it since but I seem to be a completely lazy bastard when I get going), I went to the London MCM Anime Expo with Hayley, which was brilliant and hilarious and wonderfully geeky in equal parts. I have never in my life considered cosplaying but that event just might had made me reconsider that, because it looked like such a laugh. We had to recover a bit after battling our way through the crowds in the main venue, so we sat down on the floor by the escalators, and it was so much fun picking out costumes and matching them to the anime and character. Predictably, Naruto and Bleach were both fertile animes in the cosplaying arena but my favourite costume of the day had to be the girl dressed up Jareth, who I really should have chased down and begged for a picture with.

A huge Mokona plushie was my first purchase of the day, which was quite amusing to drag around on the Tube afterwards before I lost my geeky nerve and stuffed poor Moko-chan in a carrier bag. I'm wanting the black twin now, though, so I expect a trip down to Piccadilly Circus is on the cards when I make it back from the North York Moors. Got myself some completely random carrot earrings, too (which mama keeps eyeing covetously), some posters, a Hetalia badge, a yaoi keyring declaring myself a 'seme lover' (oh yes) and an onigiri plushie (handmade and everything! I'm thinking of getting Vaughnsy one as part of her birthday present). I seriously could have maxed out my loan in there, what with all the artbooks and mangas and random, nerdy paraphernalia, but I managed to control myself. We had a pick through the yaoi stall for a joke (probably rubbing shoulders with some serious fujoshis, I suspect. There were some Hetalia fans in there, I know, looking for SpainxRomano doujinshi) and generally fought our way about until being completely exhausted. So, great times - I smell a tradition in the making.

I'm off to the North York Moors for a week this Saturday. Mama's been doing (and is currently doing) her geeky thing all week, laying out Ordnance Surveys on the floor and sitting on top of them, planning out walks to break my spirit with. She keeps asking questions like 'Thirteen miles isn't too much is it, Sinead?', which have put the fear of God (or the rambler, really) into me. She has many a Cicerone guide, too, and I always look upon their appearance with a wary eye, as from my experience of walks from their pages, they always end up being the most crippling of the lot. Mama's already bribed me by having us stay at a working sheep farm, though, so I can only steel my energy reserves into a tiring week.

We'll have fun, though. I'm really only being sarcastic (well, not over being crippled and tired at the end of it). We'll do our usual random thing and probably end up lost and wet and laughing at inappropriate things, so I'll cautiously look forward to it. Plus, another bribing technique from mama: she's taking me to visit puffins on Saturday, on our way up, and I've been wanting to see puffins for a LONG, LONG TIME, so I've been officially pacified with weird, beaky animals. Also, we'll be visiting Whitby and it may be completely and irrevocably fictional but I WANT TO SEE DRACULA'S LURKING SPOTS. I'm going to climb up to that abbey with the ridiculous amount of steps and nose around the cemetery where Dracula did his vampire thing. It'll be an unleashing of the literary geek within. Or, well, not so much an unleashing - it's not like my literary geekiness (or general geekiness) is hidden very far under the epidermis.
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I woke up the other day looking like I'd just had a miscarriage - blood all other the sheets, all over my hips, and feeling horribly sodden. But it was just my bloody (oh, didn't intend the bad pun there) period deciding to fuck my body up by deciding to be abnormally heavy. I was a little disturbed at first, seeing as it can't be NORMAL losing that amount of blood without there being something wrong, but no it was all down to a bad period. The rest of the day, though, was spent wilting over the sofa, as I felt weirdly anaemic and apparently was a bit vampire-pasty, according to mama, and my head was all evil and floaty. Trust me to get my period as soon as I reach home for the summer break.

This week has been typical of me and summer breaks - absolutely free of anything productive, crammed with lots of useless internet surfing (hell, I can't even remember how I spend the hours) and with mama dropping very unsubtle hints about getting a job (VERY unsubtle). Still, I'm off to Londinium later on to traipse round Urban Outfitters and Topshop on OC, and to collect Hayley from Victoria Station, as the Anime MCM Expo is tomorrow, where I fully intend on feeding the inner geek and wasting my money on ridiculous things like Mokona soft toys (I seem to have a fixation on these Mokona soft toys, which means I better buy one just to satisfy myself). Hopefully there'll be enough time in the day to get over to Piccadilly Circus and show Hayley the Japan Centre and then maybe hop over to China Town so she can see all the ridiculous Chinese supermarkets with their strange meats and packaged chicken feet.
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Sort of because, well, I'll be here for third year, so it's more like a four month convalescence and then returning to the same old scene (catered, Simmy'll be around, will probably be put in Old Hall again). The only major difference will be Hayley won't be around, so I'll be forced to be sociable and make the evil small-talk with people.

But, yes, it'll be a parting for about four months and it's probably a relief to have a bit of a break from uni accommodation. I love uni residences, don't get me wrong, but when you share a kitchen/bathroom with a dozen other girls, the hygiene can often leave a lot to be desired. So, yah, the cleanliness of home will be loved and coveted by me. The evil bugs that keep appearing will definitely not be missed. What I will miss is the 24/7 internet access, as mama is a puritan and makes me turn it off at midnight. No more trawling the nets at five in the morning *sad face* Which means fanfiction consumption will probably go up about 300% because I'm a loser like that.

I DID NOT have a good last night in my Aberdare bed, though - kept waking up every hour or so, after having freaky dreams, to the sound of the girl above me doing the tapdance on the ceiling and speaking loudly to her boyfriend (thank god there weren't any sexytimes going on up there). My dream seemed to involve me (or the persona I was focused on) being interested in a guy with a girlfriend (who seemed like a moody, emo type straight out of a shoujo manga) who was secretly, sulkily interested in return; I seemed to be blinded temporarily at one point, slept chastely with some bloke who fancied me; then went to a party, got heavily drunk and hung about in a towel, before some girls decided to give me a makeover (which somehow involved dressing me up as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier) and I started talking to Johnny Nash from secondary school, of all people. Afterwards, I was forced up on stage to mime alone to a Sheryl song, when I collapsed from intoxication and emo-hero-from-a-shoujo-manga decided to try and kiss me.

I think I can pick from that idiocy a lot of crap my brain's been preoccupied with over the past week and sort of mishmashed together.
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Fuck. Just... fuck.

Grey's Anatomy can be lame and kind of boring for an entire season and then they bring out THAT. It was epic. Monstrously epic. Just went ahead and smacked me right in the face - the drama! The angst! The suspense! I think I almost had a heart attack about six times.

God, Grey's, I love you. I'm sorry for being so unfaithful for so long. You are officially back on the awesome spectrum.

(And that icon is so appropriate. Except shooter was crazy grieving guy instead of Dean.)

Also - discovered another creepy, cockroach-relative, bug-thing in the bathroom. Again the thing met its demise via period bin squashing. There must be a nest around somewhere - Hayley was saying at dinner that these things go around in swarms, after all, which greatly disturbs me. Makes me very happy to be going home for summer break on Saturday, where I will profit from mama's OCD cleanliness and shiny, shiny bathroom.
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This week has been seriously useless. And I don't even know why I care that it's been useless - I mean, it's the first official week of my academic convalescence so I'm not SUPPOSED to do anything. What I'm supposed to do is sleep a lot, lay around a lot, nap a lot and watch a hell of a lot of anime. Number one on that list? Not so much - I slept for four hours last night and then woke up of MY OWN FREE WILL because I couldn't fall back asleep. I think it's because my brain knew I needed to get into town and wake up early enough to catch the housekeepers and ask for my kettle-base (oh the interesting goings-on when you're about to move out of uni residences). Plus, it's fire alarm testing day, which usually has me sprawled under the covers in bed, nearly wetting myself every five minutes from the noise and generally trying to sleep through a racket that sounds like it could bring the ceiling down.

In regards to watching lots of anime? Well, I've accomplished that, sort of. I'm up to episode 22 of Gundam Seed Destiny (and already jostling to buy the box set off amazon) and episode 3 of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (which has one of the most gorgeous opening tracks - 'Karma' by KOKIA) and episode 4 of Gurren Lagann (a complete boys' anime). I best get a move on though - on myanimelist.net I have 60 series in my 'Plan to Watch' section and I intend to watch all of them over the holidays. Thankfully 18 of those series are films so that should get things moving.

Still, I feel weirdly bored and restless, like I should be doing something. I keep having these sort of phantom stress patches, where I start obsessing over whether I need to get any work done, before remembering that that's all over and done with for the year. It's probably the comparison in work load - there I was last week, practically living in the short loan section of the library, stressing over my procrastinating and need to read things, and now I have absolutely nothing on my plate. The most important thing on my mind at the moment is going into town to buy a sandwich or something, which is a bit laughable.

I'm pretty restless to pack, too - I just want to get it done RIGHT NOW but I don't fancy sitting in an empty room with only a load of boxes to keep me company. I have two days to go still, after all, and a cleared-out room will only make me depressed.

Urgh, and I found a COCKROACH in the bathroom last night. Well, it was definitely something akin to the cockroach family if not a cockroach. It was flipped over on its back, wrigging round, so I grabbed the closest thing to hand (which happened to be the period towel bin, urgh) and squashed the bastard. It was completely disgusting - popped like a zit when I crushed it hard enough.

Numero Uno

May. 17th, 2010 11:10 am
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Well, that is that as they say - the deadline has been met, the work handed in and I am all essay-ed out. Leave the next bout of bullshitting to next year, as my bullshitting muscles now need a long rest for the working they got last night (this morning? Both?), say four or so months until third year trundles round (third year - now there's a terrifying thought).

I was such a loser, too, this morning - very first individual to squeeze their way past the library turnstiles when it opened at 8:30 (more like 8:40, the bastards), so I could print off some crap for my Pre-Raphaelite essay and was also the very first English-er to hand her essays in. Yeah, that's how eager I was to get rid of them: basically fired my way down to the Humanities building, raced up to the Lit department to find the room with the lights off and no one home for some essay collecting but luckily one of the secretary ladies told me they'd be round soon enough, so I went and waited in there like a boffin. So, that's right, I was the first student in the pile for the May 17th deadline. I should be proud of my geekery.

Instead, I would really like to sleep. But I promised Hayley a trip for ice cream/cake (now I'm thinking Caffe Nero and CAFFEINE) and my word is my honour, yadda yadda yadda, so I'm trying to brainwash myself into THINKING I don't need to sleep. You are a machine, Sinead, a machine, do you hear me?!

Perk up, dammit!
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Huzzah, I've beaten the Myth and Modernism essay into submission and now just have to trundle through the Pre-Raphaelite one until I reach the academic finish line. I think this deserves a midway through, mini celebration! Or, I will just type on here and boast when really I should be ashamed that this is - well, now the day of the deadline - and I'm only just getting it done. For Christ's sake, I only read one of the books for my M&M essay THIS SATURDAY (hello, 'A Handful of Dust' by Evelyn Waugh). Though, this upside to that was it was fresh in my mind - I actually expected that essay to be a bitch to write and the PR one to be easy but I now suspect it might be the other way round. Plus, I seemed to contract this very odd academic mood while writing it that has now disappeared (I'm hoping hot chocolate and a half hour break to watch Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom might bring it back). Still got to sift through a load of art books, though, and find two paintings I want to bullshit about for 1600 words. And I've completely shamed myself by going ahead with the gender question. I always feel like such a failure when I go for the gender question - it's always the last resort or easy way out to English students. The lazy option, really.

Still, 1600 more words and I'll be free as a non-university student, slacker kind of person!
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Today was the final day of library hermit-hood for this semester - critical research is done, the deadline's Monday morning for my essays, so all I've got to do is sit down and write the bloody things. And read the book. Why do I do this to myself? I swear I'm a bit of a masochist. Or just plain deranged in that I seem to like putting myself through hell at the last minute. Like last Monday, when I was literally WRITING AN ESSAY FOUR HOURS BEFORE THE DEADLINE. I am ashamed of that essay. It doesn't even deserve to wipe someone's arse, let alone have a professor look it over.

I'm expecting another repeat of the Beowulf Incident.

I didn't sleep again last night because that seems to be the norm now with bat-me. Plus, I really wanted to watch the Supernatural season finale as soon as it was uploaded (which I honestly did not enjoy too much - not enough Castiel, simplistic solutions to apocalypic problems [I mean, c'mon, this is the devil we're talking about and Sam could over overpower him through over-sentimentalising a car?] and the whole Lisa plot seemed forced, probably because the writers have been shite at trying to maintain a stable, likeable female character through the series. Though, I did enjoy the 'Chuck = God' revelation and it made me wonder why I didn't see it coming). Also, Grey's Anatomy next week looks like it's set to be quite the excitement - seriously, what is it with the Grey's team? They can give you a pretty boring season and then just deliver so much awesomeness in the season finale! They have a CRAZY GUNMAN, for Christ's sake, you just know there's going to be some brilliant tension. I wonder if the gunman will end up being Owen because he's ginger and British and therefore evil.

But, yah, got no sleep, had breakfast, went to the library at half eight and froze my arse off while trying to sneakily enjoy my caramel flapjack (there's a T. S. Eliot critical book in the stacks somewhere with my flapjack crumbs forever imprinted on the pages), before running back home to curl up in bed and nap for a few hours before dinner. Me and Hayley ended up talking about Catholicism again, which we weirdly always seem to come back to - even though I'm no longer a practicing Catholic and Hayley's never grown up in a religious environment of any sort. I guess I just get a kick out of being around people who think Catholicism is exotic and alien, especially as I've grown up round Catholics all my life (here's blaming you, RC primary and secondary schools!). It gives me a new perspective on the religion, that I have all this knowledge regarding the faith that I take massively for granted.

Regarding anime, this week seems to have been a tad crazy for my purse - I haven't really been in the mood for it recently, what with being utterly sucked into the SpockxKirk fandom and chugging down fanfiction like it's my staple diet. But a comic yaoi, Junjou Romantica, got me back in the mood and then I got a bit obsessed with buying a Malaysian copy of it off ebay, which then led me to purchasing Macross Frontier off ebay too (because the USA licensors are stupid and won't hurry up and buy it!! Though, they have had the clever notion of grabbing Kuroshitsuji for Western audiences, even if it will take years for it to get across the pond *mutters*). Ebay is truly a dark, twisted hole of finance evil, leading me to obsessively refresh my paypal account every few hours. I bloody hate paypal now. Got caught up on finishing Kimi ni Todoke and Pandora Hearts as well, which I've been meaning to do for ages. Now I'm onto the second epi of Darker Than Black Gaiden, though I'm going to pop off for a shower in a mo and get back to it.

But if that wasn't enough, I then went ahead and bought the last two volumes of Romeo x Juliet, and Samurai X: Reflection! I think I must have some kind of compulse buying disease or something! A disease which isn't isolated to just anime but has been make me waste my loan on clothes all year (though I believe clothes are never a waste of money, seeing as they make you feel so good). It's a blessing and a curse to live on the Tube network, meaning I will probably spend much of my summer break clocking up the amount of clothing in my wardrobe...

You know, it's a pretty sad thing when a student's wall-planner is filled with more anime release dates than actual academic/social events.
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Urgh, spent another seven hours in the library today - would have gone the full drag but I was working on no sleep (because I am crazy and try to forget that I am human and that humans need to sleep), the library was bloody freezing (because they seem to have this all-year-round air con policy going on, even when it's COLD OUTSIDE!!) and I was studying Modernism (which is reason enough to run for the hills, the pretentious wankers). Still, I did get a lot of work done and I managed to tromp down to town to get some juice (urgh, with all my fat library books dragged along for the ride), so at least the day was productive.

Though, as soon as I got back, I jumped very quickly into bed, totally missed dinner (Hayley's working anyhow and sleep seemed to top stomach in my logic) - had to wake up to wash my hair, which was horrible, but I don't plan on being awake for much longer. Should really get my Myth and Modernism reading out of the way but Modernist texts are pretty much literature you should read while not half-zombified from sleep deprivation. They're confusing enough with a healthy dose of rest and full-awareness on your side.

But, wa-hey, only a week and a half and I'm freed for four months of procrastination and laziness!
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Well, there you have it - Brown's out and Cameron's in. But, as much as I hate Cameron's smarmy mug, I know a LibDem/Lab pact would have fallen apart in only a matter of time. At least with the Tories people can't bitch about the PM not having been voted in. Though, all the "kingmaker" business regarding Clegg has been so ironic - the Lib Dems did miserably in the General Election (even though I voted for them *sad face*) and yet Clegg was the one to decide who would ultimately be in government. He must have been cracking up over all the wooing going on, how all the parties were trying to seduce him with AV reforms. So, if we're going to have to suffer through Cameron as PM, at least we'll have the Lib Dems to dilute the Conservative toffs a bit.
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Woah boy, have the last few days been crazy. As in, I-may-just-go-off-my-rocker crazy, so not the good sort. Between trying to get three essays typed up in the space of 24 hours (which involved one being written six hours before the deadline, cobbling together an entire essay at the last minute and trying to read 200 pages in an hour). I know I've stated before that I might as well join a community of bats and hang from the ceiling, as I seem to be made for nocturnal procrastination, but the last few days have been RIDICULOUS. Like right now - why the hell am I still awake after sleeping only four hours in the past 48? I should be sprawled across my bed, away in dreamland by now, not bullshitting a journal entry on here. The only logical answer is sleep deprivation has made me lose my marbles. Or perhaps hunger, as I haven't had breakfast and only had a solitary peanut butter sandwich to fuel all the academic yesterday. Hunger and sleep deprivation have to equal some pretty nutty things when combined.

What started off this little joy-ride into nocturnal living was the bloody general election. I blame David Dimbleby, who I have a bit of a perverse crush on, who hosted the entire affair - he was on there so long a facebook group called 'Petition to let David Dimbleby sleep' was floating round the internets. But I was there with him, waiting for that fatal moment when Hertfordshire South West would be announced, listening to all his snarky conversations with the politicians, wondering why the hell I felt the compulsion to stay up all night when I didn't need to. I'd like to think I was getting in the mood for Essay Weekend of Doom and Madness, which has now thankfully passed but will probably be repeated next weekend when my last two essays have to be in. But two essays has to be better than the sanity-breaking three I had in today. In truth, I never want to lay my eyes on those pieces of shite again. I feel embarrassed for the person who will have to shovel their way through all the bullshit. Though, knowing academic types, they'll probably focus on a comma splice or how you've put a comma in the wrong place within a citation. Yes, I spent at least half an hour last night making sure those bloody citations were correct - essay markers can get rather uppity about them, after all.

Christ, only a week to go and then I'm free. Then I'm going to utterly melt my brain by starting up an anime marathon and enjoying inane shoujo romances. I'm already preparing to buy Macross Frontier and Junjou Romantica (oh my lulz, I'll own a YAOI ANIME - HAVE I NO SHAME?!?!) off ebay, and this summer will probably be one big geek fest, like the last. Thankfully, mama is already resigned to the fact that I probably won't get a job over the holidays, so that'll make lazing around much easier. Plus, there will be the ultimate unleashing of the inner geek at the MCM Expo this month. I seriously want some cheesy anime merchandise, like a fluffy Mokona toy or something. Something absolutely ridiculous to add to my already staggering number of utterly superfluous knick-knacks in my bedroom.

Also had the Aberdare photo taken the other day for the hall's 125th anniversary - thought I had to get my mug onto it to seem social, so I braved the cold spot and did the dorky handwaving thing with the rest of the girls and so hope they get a nice picture out of it.


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