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Birthdate:Mar 28
Location:London & Cardiff, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Writer, rambler, coffee imbiber. English Literature student at the venerable Cardiff University in good ol' Wales. Self-proclaimed veteran of London town when home. Nighthawk and prolific procrastinator. Half Emerald-Islander/half Englisher, which chooses to show itself in the auburn hair, the pasty skin and the tendency to run my mouth off. I'm a bit of a sociologist, a bit of a pantheist and feminist, a full-blown geek and Japanophile, with just the teensiest dash of the deranged thrown into the mix :)

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a perfect circle, absinthe, ai yazawa, alice in wonderland, angel sanctuary, angela carter, ani difranco, anime, auburn hair, autumn leaves, ayashi no ceres, being geeky, bjork, blood plus, brick lane, bride of the water god, buffy the vampire slayer, camden market, cardiff, chinese film, cider, clamp, cocktail bars, cocktails, code geass, coffee shops, confessional poetry, covent garden, cowboy bebop, daria, dark humour, darker than black, david bowie, daydreaming, doodling, earrings, earthsea, ella fitzgerald, ergo proxy, escaflowne, evangelion, eyeshadow, fairytales, fanfiction, fantasy, film noir, fiona apple, florence + the machine, folklore, full metal panic, gender studies, gothic literature, graham greene, grey's anatomy, gundam seed, hana yori dango, haruki murakami, hooverphonic, hot water bottles, hugging trees, hyperness, ireland, it started with a kiss, japan, jean rhys, jeff buckley, kaori yuki, kuroshitsuji, labyrinth, lake district, laughing hysterically, led zeppelin, lemon curd, libraries, literature, lol cats, london, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, ludovico einaudi, manga, manhua, manhwa, marrakech, mint tea, moroccan cuisine, motorbikes, mountains, muse, my brightest diamond, mythology, nature, night markets, nodame cantabile, oddness, ouran koukou host club, pandora hearts, philosophy, photography, pimms, pj harvey, poe, postsecrets, pre-raphaelite art, procrastination, quirkiness, quotes, rahxephon, rainy days, raise the red lantern, rambling, random knowledge, red, rocky horror picture show, romeo x juliet, rurouni kenshin, samurai champloo, sarah mclachlan, second-hand bookshops, skip beat, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, sociology, spitalfields market, standing stones, star trek, staring into space, storms, studio ghibli, supernatural, tarot, the bloody chamber, the pierces, the x files, tori amos, tree hugging, trigun, trinity blood, trip-hop, twitching, vampire hunter d, vast, waterhouse, whiskey, witch hunter robin, wong kar-wai, world cinema, writing, zhang yimou
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