May. 21st, 2010

dark_litany: (Bang - Dean Shoots You Down)
Fuck. Just... fuck.

Grey's Anatomy can be lame and kind of boring for an entire season and then they bring out THAT. It was epic. Monstrously epic. Just went ahead and smacked me right in the face - the drama! The angst! The suspense! I think I almost had a heart attack about six times.

God, Grey's, I love you. I'm sorry for being so unfaithful for so long. You are officially back on the awesome spectrum.

(And that icon is so appropriate. Except shooter was crazy grieving guy instead of Dean.)

Also - discovered another creepy, cockroach-relative, bug-thing in the bathroom. Again the thing met its demise via period bin squashing. There must be a nest around somewhere - Hayley was saying at dinner that these things go around in swarms, after all, which greatly disturbs me. Makes me very happy to be going home for summer break on Saturday, where I will profit from mama's OCD cleanliness and shiny, shiny bathroom.


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