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This week has been seriously useless. And I don't even know why I care that it's been useless - I mean, it's the first official week of my academic convalescence so I'm not SUPPOSED to do anything. What I'm supposed to do is sleep a lot, lay around a lot, nap a lot and watch a hell of a lot of anime. Number one on that list? Not so much - I slept for four hours last night and then woke up of MY OWN FREE WILL because I couldn't fall back asleep. I think it's because my brain knew I needed to get into town and wake up early enough to catch the housekeepers and ask for my kettle-base (oh the interesting goings-on when you're about to move out of uni residences). Plus, it's fire alarm testing day, which usually has me sprawled under the covers in bed, nearly wetting myself every five minutes from the noise and generally trying to sleep through a racket that sounds like it could bring the ceiling down.

In regards to watching lots of anime? Well, I've accomplished that, sort of. I'm up to episode 22 of Gundam Seed Destiny (and already jostling to buy the box set off amazon) and episode 3 of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (which has one of the most gorgeous opening tracks - 'Karma' by KOKIA) and episode 4 of Gurren Lagann (a complete boys' anime). I best get a move on though - on myanimelist.net I have 60 series in my 'Plan to Watch' section and I intend to watch all of them over the holidays. Thankfully 18 of those series are films so that should get things moving.

Still, I feel weirdly bored and restless, like I should be doing something. I keep having these sort of phantom stress patches, where I start obsessing over whether I need to get any work done, before remembering that that's all over and done with for the year. It's probably the comparison in work load - there I was last week, practically living in the short loan section of the library, stressing over my procrastinating and need to read things, and now I have absolutely nothing on my plate. The most important thing on my mind at the moment is going into town to buy a sandwich or something, which is a bit laughable.

I'm pretty restless to pack, too - I just want to get it done RIGHT NOW but I don't fancy sitting in an empty room with only a load of boxes to keep me company. I have two days to go still, after all, and a cleared-out room will only make me depressed.

Urgh, and I found a COCKROACH in the bathroom last night. Well, it was definitely something akin to the cockroach family if not a cockroach. It was flipped over on its back, wrigging round, so I grabbed the closest thing to hand (which happened to be the period towel bin, urgh) and squashed the bastard. It was completely disgusting - popped like a zit when I crushed it hard enough.
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