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Woo, all my manga lovelies arrived in the post today. One of which I had to do a crazy dash down the stairs for and answer the door with gunge in my eyes and my hair mad and wearing very little while still half asleep - I did try not to breathe on the poor delivery man and not frighten him too much by looking anywhere but his face. Still, why did amazon have to up and change from Royal Mail? I mean, you don't have to do mad dashes for the door or sign things or generally be woken up from a very nice dream (unlike the one yesterday, which involved a bomb in a London that really looked like a London-Cardiff hybrid) with Royal Mail, and if a package is too fat they just stuff it in the bin cupboard. Seriously.

But, yeah, unlike last year, which involved a lot of anime purchasing over the summer, this seems to be Year of the Manga Tome instead. I think it has something to do with having those shelves which gloriously display all my lovely, lovely literature, including my manga, and therefore shunt my book collection in my face. But I got a bit bored with actually BUYING manga a few years ago (nothing shall be said of scanlations, which I've never seemed to become bored of reading) and got more into anime, so a few of the series I was collecting sort of abruptly stop about three volumes before the end. And, as I am a perfectionist in terms of aesthetics, it doesn't look RIGHT to have my manga on the shelves looking all sad and incomplete. Thus the buying and manic hoarding, like how I'm surrounded by about ten volumes of stuff right now after gleefully picking up the post - one is an edition of those big and beautiful Vizbig editions, which have an average of three volumes in them (this one has four, as it's the last few vols of Rurouni Kenshin), bigger pages, lots of pretty colour pages and more bonuses. It seems to be a nice way of getting the old series, though my problem now is I have an odd pick'n'mix of editions.

And, horrors of horrors, I have actually sunk low enough in purchasing a YAOI MANGA. I thought the day would never come. I actually feel kind of shifty and dirty for it, which is hilarious. It's not even an explicit one, though it does have a parental advisory warning (ha! As if you'd tell you parents you were reading YAOI MANGA. Not that mama would understand what that even means) and warns that the volume may include 'explicit sexuality, aggression, mild fanservice', which made me giggle. I'm guessing the 'mild fanservice' might have something to do with the appearance of penises. But there be no members in my yaoi manga. Though, the Japanese do seem to love their fanservice *can't help thinking of the Evangelion franchise and certain scenes involving nudity and beer cans* I bought it because I already have it on disk and the art is so pretty (damn yaoi mangas get all the great mangaka) and is actually hilarious. Do I sound like I'm trying to excuse myself for the buying of naughty BL porn? Hm.

Not that it's porn.

Vaughnsy was around for the start of the week, as she had her journalism exams on Wednesday and Thursday, and couldn't study at home because of the noise. Though, I have no clue what made her think she could study with ME around - she ended up pulling stupid pranks and throwing banana skins at me most of the time, so I don't exactly know how much work she got done.

Daddy's been oddly silent, as well. I know Dominique was moving out to live full-time with Antoinette last weekend, so I was expecting a lot of phonecalls about his empty nest syndrome this week. Instead there hasn't been a sausage. Not that I'm complaining - especially when he has a tendency to tell me about his sex life and last time actually told me HE'D HAD SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AGES. Counselling sessions, this is the stuff they're made of.

Had a minor blip in regards to uni accommodation this week - they'd allocated me this hideously overpriced room that made me so suspicious I actually emailed the residence people about it. Turned out to be a 'Superior room' (hilariously located only two doors down from my old room) and I still don't really understand what that's meant to mean - probably that it's huge and you're paying five hundred quid extra just for space you don't need. So, the residence lady re-allotted my room and I'm now comfortably situated slap-bang next to my old bedroom in room 11. It'll be like I never left! I mean, it's probably identical in size and furnishings, and I already know it has the same view out on the East Wing rooms like my old room. I'll even be using the same bathroom facilities and kitchen! It feels weirdly like I won't have progressed at all, like I'll still be in my second year.

But third year doesn't bear thinking of at the mo - the thought of graduating freaks me out too greatly.


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