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I woke up the other day looking like I'd just had a miscarriage - blood all other the sheets, all over my hips, and feeling horribly sodden. But it was just my bloody (oh, didn't intend the bad pun there) period deciding to fuck my body up by deciding to be abnormally heavy. I was a little disturbed at first, seeing as it can't be NORMAL losing that amount of blood without there being something wrong, but no it was all down to a bad period. The rest of the day, though, was spent wilting over the sofa, as I felt weirdly anaemic and apparently was a bit vampire-pasty, according to mama, and my head was all evil and floaty. Trust me to get my period as soon as I reach home for the summer break.

This week has been typical of me and summer breaks - absolutely free of anything productive, crammed with lots of useless internet surfing (hell, I can't even remember how I spend the hours) and with mama dropping very unsubtle hints about getting a job (VERY unsubtle). Still, I'm off to Londinium later on to traipse round Urban Outfitters and Topshop on OC, and to collect Hayley from Victoria Station, as the Anime MCM Expo is tomorrow, where I fully intend on feeding the inner geek and wasting my money on ridiculous things like Mokona soft toys (I seem to have a fixation on these Mokona soft toys, which means I better buy one just to satisfy myself). Hopefully there'll be enough time in the day to get over to Piccadilly Circus and show Hayley the Japan Centre and then maybe hop over to China Town so she can see all the ridiculous Chinese supermarkets with their strange meats and packaged chicken feet.
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