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Sort of because, well, I'll be here for third year, so it's more like a four month convalescence and then returning to the same old scene (catered, Simmy'll be around, will probably be put in Old Hall again). The only major difference will be Hayley won't be around, so I'll be forced to be sociable and make the evil small-talk with people.

But, yes, it'll be a parting for about four months and it's probably a relief to have a bit of a break from uni accommodation. I love uni residences, don't get me wrong, but when you share a kitchen/bathroom with a dozen other girls, the hygiene can often leave a lot to be desired. So, yah, the cleanliness of home will be loved and coveted by me. The evil bugs that keep appearing will definitely not be missed. What I will miss is the 24/7 internet access, as mama is a puritan and makes me turn it off at midnight. No more trawling the nets at five in the morning *sad face* Which means fanfiction consumption will probably go up about 300% because I'm a loser like that.

I DID NOT have a good last night in my Aberdare bed, though - kept waking up every hour or so, after having freaky dreams, to the sound of the girl above me doing the tapdance on the ceiling and speaking loudly to her boyfriend (thank god there weren't any sexytimes going on up there). My dream seemed to involve me (or the persona I was focused on) being interested in a guy with a girlfriend (who seemed like a moody, emo type straight out of a shoujo manga) who was secretly, sulkily interested in return; I seemed to be blinded temporarily at one point, slept chastely with some bloke who fancied me; then went to a party, got heavily drunk and hung about in a towel, before some girls decided to give me a makeover (which somehow involved dressing me up as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier) and I started talking to Johnny Nash from secondary school, of all people. Afterwards, I was forced up on stage to mime alone to a Sheryl song, when I collapsed from intoxication and emo-hero-from-a-shoujo-manga decided to try and kiss me.

I think I can pick from that idiocy a lot of crap my brain's been preoccupied with over the past week and sort of mishmashed together.


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