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Huzzah, I've beaten the Myth and Modernism essay into submission and now just have to trundle through the Pre-Raphaelite one until I reach the academic finish line. I think this deserves a midway through, mini celebration! Or, I will just type on here and boast when really I should be ashamed that this is - well, now the day of the deadline - and I'm only just getting it done. For Christ's sake, I only read one of the books for my M&M essay THIS SATURDAY (hello, 'A Handful of Dust' by Evelyn Waugh). Though, this upside to that was it was fresh in my mind - I actually expected that essay to be a bitch to write and the PR one to be easy but I now suspect it might be the other way round. Plus, I seemed to contract this very odd academic mood while writing it that has now disappeared (I'm hoping hot chocolate and a half hour break to watch Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom might bring it back). Still got to sift through a load of art books, though, and find two paintings I want to bullshit about for 1600 words. And I've completely shamed myself by going ahead with the gender question. I always feel like such a failure when I go for the gender question - it's always the last resort or easy way out to English students. The lazy option, really.

Still, 1600 more words and I'll be free as a non-university student, slacker kind of person!


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