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Urgh, spent another seven hours in the library today - would have gone the full drag but I was working on no sleep (because I am crazy and try to forget that I am human and that humans need to sleep), the library was bloody freezing (because they seem to have this all-year-round air con policy going on, even when it's COLD OUTSIDE!!) and I was studying Modernism (which is reason enough to run for the hills, the pretentious wankers). Still, I did get a lot of work done and I managed to tromp down to town to get some juice (urgh, with all my fat library books dragged along for the ride), so at least the day was productive.

Though, as soon as I got back, I jumped very quickly into bed, totally missed dinner (Hayley's working anyhow and sleep seemed to top stomach in my logic) - had to wake up to wash my hair, which was horrible, but I don't plan on being awake for much longer. Should really get my Myth and Modernism reading out of the way but Modernist texts are pretty much literature you should read while not half-zombified from sleep deprivation. They're confusing enough with a healthy dose of rest and full-awareness on your side.

But, wa-hey, only a week and a half and I'm freed for four months of procrastination and laziness!


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