May. 11th, 2010

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Well, there you have it - Brown's out and Cameron's in. But, as much as I hate Cameron's smarmy mug, I know a LibDem/Lab pact would have fallen apart in only a matter of time. At least with the Tories people can't bitch about the PM not having been voted in. Though, all the "kingmaker" business regarding Clegg has been so ironic - the Lib Dems did miserably in the General Election (even though I voted for them *sad face*) and yet Clegg was the one to decide who would ultimately be in government. He must have been cracking up over all the wooing going on, how all the parties were trying to seduce him with AV reforms. So, if we're going to have to suffer through Cameron as PM, at least we'll have the Lib Dems to dilute the Conservative toffs a bit.


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