Apr. 23rd, 2010

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Is it bad that I feel sorry for all the wrong people in King Lear? I mean, is it some bad reflection on me that I like all the 'evil' characters so much more than the goodies? Albany is very arsewipe-y, after all, and seems to have a bit of the wife abuser about him (he tells Goneril 'you are not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face', for god's sake!); Lear is a bit of a lost cause in my opinion and seems to deserve what he gets - he thinks Goneril and Regan have no cause to be annoyed when he goes around saying how wonderful and beauteous Cordelia is all the time. I'd be pretty pissed off by that, too. Besides, Cordelia is a bit of a sop. I never care when her body's dragged onto the stage because she's so boring. Maybe that's why WS kills her off - she's too boring to live. I bet he secretly loved all his evil characters - must be why he kills off the heroes, too, in all the tragedies. You only have to look at Macbeth to see his rather ambiguous take on the hero and morality. He makes you SYMPATHISE with the murderer.

And Edmond just seems like he needs a bit of love from his papa or a good cuddle - I'd be plenty resentful, too, if my father when about telling every Tom, Dick and Harry the manner of my conception like it was some sort of shiny memory of familial bonding. It brings to mind all those times daddy told random convenience store clerks that I didn't eat vegetables. Yeah, that was weird. Also, I've always thought, 'yet Edmond was beloved' was one of the most poignant - and in some ways most defiant - of lines in Shakespeare's plays. Plus, it helps that he has the sexy villain thing on his side, even if Shakespeare seems to suffer with OOC-ness at the end when he makes Edmond have a sudden change of heart for absolutely no reason, besides the fact he's dying. He should have gone out with a real, proper, villain cackle.

But why does WS have to make Goneril and Regan so STUPID by the end? They start out all taking control from the men, wielding swords and seducing people, and then they just end up squabbling over some bloke. It's so frustrating.

But, anyway, onto Macbeth now, which should be fun. Or not. Reading Shakespearean tragedies in a row is kind of starting to make me feel like slitting my wrists. I should start a death tally or something because it is RIDICULOUS how many people WS kills off. I bet he was a bloodthirsty bastard who was all like, 'oh, go on, let's just kill off another one. And maybe one after that? And then another just to complete the set?' You, William Shakespeare, are a sadist.


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