Apr. 22nd, 2010

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God, watching the leader debates results in equal amounts of hilarity and frustration. Hilarity because they're all squabbling like a bunch of kids on the playground and frustration because, well, the future leaders of the country are squabbling like a bunch of kids on the playground. It makes watching anything about the General Election quite tiring, emotion-wise. No wonder everyone in the country is so disaffected.

Mama has to forge my signature on the postal vote back home. I could have voted in Cardiff but I'd rather have my vote count round where I actually live. Had to scribble out my signature for her last time she was up in Wales, which apparently she's done a shoddy job replicating. I doubt they actually pay much attention to these things, anyway. I could always say I was slightly drunk when signing. Wouldn't make me look very reputable, dealing with serious political documentation while on the raz, but oh well.

I was looking up my constituency info on the BBC website and Hertfordshire South West is described as 'one of the most bizarrely shaped constituencies in the UK, which made me giggle. Apparently, Rickmansworth itself is one of the 'prime examples of the dormitory towns that dominate this predominantly middle-class part of the constituency'. Makes us sound all terribly posh and commuter-esque but just makes me think of those yobbos that like to hang out round the local shops and shout nonsense at you because you happen to pass by. What is it about chavs and their predilection for local convenience stores? And, also, 'dormitory towns' - I just imagine Rickmansworth looking like a giant Travelodge because of that.


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